Client Relationship Team

A strong personal relationship is an essential component of our wealth management process. Individuals from our Client Relationship Team are responsible for gaining an understanding of your current financial situation and objectives, then communicating with you on an ongoing basis to keep you informed of progress made towards achieving your goals and remaining informed of changes to your needs over time.

Focusing our Global Perspective on You

Acquiring sufficient knowledge of financial markets, individual securities, and our clients’ specific needs are complex tasks.  Successfully doing so requires a coordinated team of professionals working together, with each one dedicated to achieving excellence within their respective areas of expertise.  The collective knowledge or our team members is combined to benefit you through our client process.

Client Process


Your Financial Advisor

The core of our client process is the relationship between you and your Noesis Financial Advisor.  Your Financial Advisor works with you initially to gain an understanding of your current financial situation as well as your objectives.  After they have gained a sufficient level of information to understand your unique needs, they begin working with your Noesis Portfolio Manager to design a customized investment management plan tailored to your specific needs.  Upon you request, your Financial Advisor will also collaborate with other professionals, such as your CPA and attorney, to develop a comprehensive wealth management plan.

After your initial plan has been designed and implemented, you and your Financial Advisor will continue to be in frequent contact.  They continue to provide you with information on the progress made towards achieving your goals and monitor changes in your financial circumstances that may make it necessary to modify your initial plan.

Your Portfolio Manager

Your Portfolio Manager uses the information provided by you and your Financial Advisor to further develop an investment management solution tailored to your needs.  They consider your current resources, objectives, time horizon, tolerance for risk, and other pertinent factors to develop parameters for an appropriate portfolio.  Once parameters are set, the Portfolio Manager begins working with the Noesis Research Team to discuss the specific securities that will be selected for your portfolio.

Just as with the case with your Financial Advisor, your Portfolio Manager’s responsibilities are ongoing.  Portfolio Managers provide continuous portfolio supervision.  They purchase and sell securities on your behalf based on factors that change our evaluation of a specific investment, macro economic factors that alter our view of financial markets in general, or changes to your specific needs.

Noesis Research Team

The Noesis Research Team is responsible for monitoring the investments owned by our clients and to thoroughly investigating new investment opportunities.  They conduct original research and review materials from leading industry analysts in order to gain a thorough understanding of the securities we select for our clients.  The Research Team works in conjunction with our Portfolio Managers to make sure that each client portfolio is constructed in a manner that balances their needs for long-term growth, current income, and preservation of capital.

Operations Team

For any plan to have its maximum impact, it must be properly implemented.  Our Operations Team works meticulously to ensure that all action items identified for each client are accomplished efficiently.